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Where to Get Home Loans

Part of being a good consumer (at least insofar as good is related to smart) is in realizing exactly where you can go in order to get different things. Whether you are talking about a particular car, a particular brand of cigarettes or anything else for that matter, understanding about the places that sell it as well as the differences between those places is very important in your final decision as to where you want to go. It is a very important thing to be aware of and once you understand exactly where to get home loans, then you will be off to a flying start later on down the road when it comes time for you to possibly consider getting another home loan.


When you are looking at the banks that offer home loans, it is important that you realize that the vast majority of the good agreements are going to come from banks. Whether you are interested in dealing with a conventional bank or alternatively dealing with one of the new age online banks (a number of them such as ING are now in the mortgage business as well as in the bank account business) you are going to realize that the banks themselves have the biggest infrastructures of all financial institutions. This ultimately allows them to give people better deals so the average bank deal will be better than the average deal for any other financial institution. Still, it is possible to find individual better deals elsewhere, but the main part of your search should be centered around the banks in your area.

Credit Unions

Credit unions are like banks, but either don't have the infrastructure or lack something else in order to be thought of as full fledged banks. Many credit unions are quite large however and because of this you can see that a lot of credit unions do have good deals when it comes to the different home loans. Still, it is important to be very cautious when dealing with credit unions as most of them are not subject to the same rigorous regulation that you have probably come to expect banks to be subject to. If a bank does not honor a deal, there is a very clear recourse that you can take against them. If a random credit union does the same, outside of a time consuming lawsuit, you might be stuck. So it is important to research the credit union itself at the same time that you are researching the actual deals that they offer.

Lending Agencies

There are a number of different lending agencies around and the thing that most sets a lending agency apart from either a bank or a credit union is that money lending is the agency's sole and only purpose. With banks and credit unions, money lending might be the most lucrative service that they have, but at the same time their primary service is still providing accounts to their customers. This difference is distinctive and it means that because the agency's specialization is loans, that you might be able to find some more hidden gems.

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